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Following are the customs made project management models design to provide easiness to our customers for successful execution of their projects:

Complete product development model:

In this model of project management, your project is completely led by the project manager who is dedicated towards your project. You only provide them with Requirements Specification document and they will make sure that you will get what you expect from us.

Interactive product development model:

As Developers is an offshore company, we provide offshore and telecommunicate developer team that work closely with you or your on-site technical leads/developers. The team-lead in case of multiple developers, will remain full contact with your manager and never miss a single aspect of your project. This model provide you advantage that you can see the progress of project and instantly give instruction on project hence making them to spend more time on your project and complete it faster. This model also provide you more control of your project because you are directly involved and constantly in contact with technical leads of the projects.

Lead and develop model:

If you are a developer yourself, you can interview and choose a developer to work with you and work directly with him on your project. This gives you total control on how you want to implement the features for your business and the resource is offshore completely managed by our managers working with you.

Offshore staffing:

With the ever increasing costs of D3velopers, we allow companies to hire immaculate and experienced resources on contractual basis as per needs of their projects through us. We provide resources who work 40 hours a week on your project.

Contact us now at info@d3velopers.com to know more about these models